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 Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding
This cluster deals with conflict analysis and resolution, war, terrorism, peacebuilding and security in changing or new contexts of violence.

 Culture, Identity and Religion
This cluster examines issues and socio-philosophical ideas related to culture, identity, religion, education, nationalism and minorities.

 Democracy and Civil Society
This cluster studies democratic experiences and aspirations, the rise of populism and illiberalism, social mobilization and media, transnational movements and civil society.

 Development Policies and Practices
This cluster focuses on cooperation and aid policies, development economics, socio-political change, inequality and poverty. This includes the International Development Policy (DevPol) Journal

 Environment and Natural Resources
This cluster examines international environmental governance and global issues such as climate change, biodiversity, energy, agriculture, food security and natural resources.

 Finance and Development
This cluster focuses on monetary policy, finance, banking, sovereign debt, capital movements and investment from a development perspective.

This cluster adopts a crosscutting perspective on gender in international relations and development with a specific focus on political economy, international governance, conflict and peacebuilding, body politics and health.

 Global Health
This cluster focuses on global health governance and diplomacy, UHC, International Geneva, diseases eradication and other health-related issues.

This cluster focuses on the ideas, norms, institutions, and actors that underpin global governance. It considers a multilevel approach to apprehend global regulatory politics and normative change. 

 Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and Action
This cluster deals with human rights, humanitarian law and action, as well as post-disaster management.

 Migration and Refugees
This cluster examines the multifaceted causes and consequences of global migration. It critically engages with the norms, policies and institutions that regulate migratory flows and displaced peoples and refugees.
 Trade and Economic Integration
This cluster examines commercial exchanges and the world trade system, regional integration, supply chains, the digital economy and economic crises.



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